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Repairing Of Buttons
18 Dec2017

New buttonhole and button replacement services by dry cleaners

Sometimes you purchase a thing and then you realize after use that it is not what you wanted it to be like. What should be done then? Give away the dress and purchase a new one? A big no to that, as it will be an extra burden to your pocket. A very helpful and appropriate way is to look for a dry cleaner that can help you in this respect. Every option will give you a new prospect to think about the possibilities by which your dress can be altered and made exactly your size. One of many alterations is making a new buttonhole or replacement of the buttons.

Jacket Repairing

Jacket Repairing

You may think that it is an easy job to perform but in fact it is not. Sometimes alterations to a larger extent have to be done to fit the new buttonhole. For replacement of buttons, the dry cleaner’s tailor has to go in the field and with much effort finds that near match that can take place of the original.

Replacing the Buttons

Either your buttons have lost their essence or they got broken or lost when in use, replacing them is a good idea. When replacing the whole line, a tailor just has to find a better match for keeping up with the color scheme and brand of the outfit. But when one or two buttons need to be changed, then the problem arises. Finding a perfect match is impossible as factories have their own plants for making that particular design. A lot of effort is needed to achieve the goal.

If a button is lost or it gets damaged, the over all look of attire suffers and you cannot ignore it. Replacement or alteration & repair has to take place if a flawless look is in demand.

Button Repairing

Button Repairing


Why to Consider a New Buttonhole

Whether a ladies suit or dress or it is of men we are talking about, size problems always remain. Buttons fasten and keep your dress in place and can be used combined with zippers. Sometimes you buy a coat or sweater and after wearing find out that either its neck is too deep or it is short of a button at the other end. In both these cases, the cold breeze cannot be stopped from entering the body and a new buttonhole becomes indispensable. Also when it comes to cuffs, to some extent the buttons can be moved to adjust the size, after which you have to adjust the buttonhole to keep the appearance intact or it will become ugly to look at. Sometimes to adjust the fitting, it becomes necessary to have an additional buttonhole on the neck side.

Buttons for Decorating

Apart from the aforementioned uses, buttons are also used for decoration purpose of a wear. Sometimes they are just glued on the top or they are properly buttoned with a buttonhole. In both the cases, they give a very warm and well-designed appearance.



Buttons especially designed for this purpose have a huge variety to choose from. The way you use them depicts your creativity and a dry cleaner can certainly help you in opening your mind to whole new ideas.

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