Revamp your Shoes at the Dry Cleaner Shop
Shoe Repairs
31 May2017

You don’t have to loose your favorite pair of shoes for minor problems

Imagine your life without shoes, how will you feel like walking on the road barefooted? Clothes and footwear are the most necessary objects without which you cannot go outside the house. It means that these two things are the most important that need your attention for not getting useless shortly after purchase. Many people cannot afford having a single pair of shoes, so take utmost care of your shoes that carry you around without complaining the way you use them.

Shoe Repairs In Swindon

Shoe Repairs In Swindon

A professional can well handle your shoes, no matter they are of which material, fix them and clean them in the most skillful manner. Show repairs is the best thing which is helpful to maintain the life of your shoes.

What is done in Shoe Dry Cleaning process?

Your shoes face most of the affects of what you do the whole day and where you go. Either your shoes make up is leather, satin, velvet, or are they carrying beads or thread work there need of cleaning is different and require care in order to have the shoe back in a first class manner almost close to when they were purchased. There is a general process which is followed for every shoe make up.

Shoe Dry Cleaning Process

Shoe Dry Cleaning Process

Dismantling the Shoe:

If the shoe is a formal wear ladies, then it does not need much of this process, only the sole has to get out and to replace if needed. But if it is a men wear and there are laces in them, then the laces and the sole is removed first and then the heel base is replaced. The soles are also replaced by not ordinary materials but leather ones to ensure foot comfort. This can only be done by a professional dry cleaner.

Cleaning Stage:

The cleaning stage depends on the type of shoes that are brought to the shop for dry cleaning and overhauling. Formal wear shoes have a different way of cleaning while daily routine or sports wear has a different process.

Sports Shoe Cleaning

Sports Shoe Cleaning

Especial care has to be taken to clean ladies shoes with ornamentation as they are very delicate and for maintaining the decorating elements, the cleaning process is very complicated. After washing or making the shoe dirt free through fluids, they are then dried taking care there is no moisture left in them.

Repairing Part:

After wash, the shoe is again inspected for any minor repairs or major changing. Minor ones may include stitching problems or lace change and alike; while major changes may include balancing the color of pairs according to each other, or changing net if the shoe contains one. Other shoe services that the shoe repairers offer even for the new shoes are placing an additional sole to save the original one, stretching the shoe a little if it is too tight, replacing the slippery plastic heel, making the shoe weather resistant for saving it from getting ruined and last but not the least heel lowering. Many a time you purchase an expensive item with high heels but the time comes when you cannot wear them but wish to do so badly. In such a case the dry cleaners have the facility to cut short the heels according to your comfort level and keep the balance of the whole shoe is very important in such cases.

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